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Stadium Status: Taking Your Business to the Big Time

Business as usual is ancient history. Large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even CEOs and politicians must make the move from simply selling a product or service to delivering a mind-blowing customer experience. They have to learn to play at the level athletes and entertainers call stadium status.

Stadium status is that elusive place every coach, athlete, entertainer, and performer strives to reach. It’s moving from being an opening act to the headliner, from performing on a small stage to the greatest stage in the largest venue possible: a sold out stadium. Everything starts from humble beginnings; talent and work ethic might get you in the game, but stadium status takes strategy – and that starts with a vision.

John Brubaker shares his personal experiences as a successful radio personality, coach, and executive consultant, and reveals the strategies employed by country musicians, teams, and brands to build their fan base and separate themselves from the competition. He explains exactly how readers can implement these same tactics to achieve better results in their own endeavors. Stadium Status’ real-world examples demonstrate that gaining a fresh perspective and applying ideas from outside your industry are what will truly elevate your performance.

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Well written, with excellent examples. I’ve had three business in 45 years, been exposed to most of the concepts in the book, but Brubaker reframes these concepts in a way that I just hadn’t been able to implement. Not your typical dry “business book”. A fun read. I’ve already bought several copies over the last several months to give to other friends in business!

-Stephen Bach

Big-Time Book

If you want to be big-time and play at a higher level in life, then you need to check out Coach Bru’s book. I don’t like country music at all, but even the stories about Country artists were entertaining and insightful. I got a lot out of the book. Well-done Coach Bru.

– Jamy Belcher


Direct, applicable, FASCINATING lessons for anyone who wants to get better at what they do. John does such a good job laying out the lessons in this book.

-Daniel Tudor

Simple and Straight To The Point.

This book is one of the best business books I have read in a long time! Where most business books seem to say the same thing over and over again, Stadium Status brings a fresh and authentic approach to overall performance, not just in business, but life. Where most business fail is that they are a study of the past, but where things book prevails is that it is a study of the now and has a strong vision of the future, with time tested, non commercial techniques, they just work. The author gives practical and real insight on how to improve overall performance and is an easy read. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to take the next level!

– Anonymous

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